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Contract Services

From time to time, clients may need to bring in a dedicated resource to the business but for various reasons may not wish to employ a permanent member of staff.  Callidus has worked with several Compliance professionals who are able to meet this need on a fixed term contract basis. Where this service is used, the contract is with Callidus and we will oversee the placement and provide any additional support required.  The consultants below regularly work on behalf of Callidus and we have good relationships with many other industry professionals who prefer to work on a contract basis.   

Project Based Resources

Whilst most of our core services are largely provided by the Callidus team, based at 54 Fenchurch Street, we are also able to provide dedicated staff to support specific Compliance projects such as implementing regulatory change arising from Conduct Risk issues or the Insurance Distribution Directive.  Contract staff working with clients in this way have full access to Callidus resources during the period of employment and we aim to work together with senior management to ensure a successful project.

Contract staff can also be supplied in this way to cover a short or medium term absence (such as maternity cover or where it may take a period of time to replace someone leaving the firm).

Sanctions & Anti-Money Laundering Checking

Background checking has become increasingly time consuming and expensive for the Insurance Industry and many firms choose to outsource this function.  Callidus is able to provide this service to ensure compliance with Sanctions and Financial Crime legislation in relation to individuals or companies with whom you have a direct or indirect trading relationship or are insureds.  We also provide general background checks and a credit checking service.

End of Life Services

There are a number of circumstances in which particular companies within a group (or sometimes standalone firms) are no longer active but cannot be easily closed down for legal or regulatory reasons.  Callidus has extensive experience in managing the “End of Life” for these companies in compliance with both company law and specific insurance requirements.

Digitisation of Documents

Callidus represents a number of multinational groups and is able to digitise a range of documentation such as Compliance, HR and Procedure Manuals for secure distribution across multiple locations.

Callidus Startup Package

The Callidus Startup Package currently includes everything clients need to hit the ground running, including some of the following design services:

Business Cards

Letterheads and Compliments Slips

Basic Website Platform

Bespoke Corporate Merchandise

For more information on how a Callidus Startup Package can be tailored to you, please contact Holly

Contact a member of the Contract Services team for more information:

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Mike Glover

Principal Consultant


David Thorne

Senior Associate


Tim Griffin

Senior Associate

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Holly Glover

Client Operations Coordinator

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