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Regulatory Applications

A significant number of our client relationships start with a request for assistance with an application for authorisation or similar variations. We can handle a wide range of applications such as setting up an MGA or Lloyd's Broker or a branch for an Insurance company, both within the UK and overseas. We have particular expertise in setting up and administering Lloyd's Corporate Members for Insurance Groups and can offer a full international incorporation service for Limited companies or partnerships.

For more information on the next core area of Compliance services we offer, click here for Ongoing support.

Ongoing support

Initial Authorisation

We are experienced in a whole range of Regulatory applications, including Director appointments, Senior Management Regime applications,  Part IV applications, Passporting, Branches, Lloyd’s Brokers & coverholders and much more.

As part of our initial review, we identify the relevant applications and prepare all the necessary paperwork (or online applications) ready for your approval and submission. We then monitor progress and keep you updated.  We specialize in PRA, FCA and Lloyd’s related applications but have also extensive experience in other territories either directly, through Callidus in Dubai or Agents around the world.

Admission to Lloyd's Membership

We have particular expertise in assisting Insurance Groups to secure membership of Lloyd’s.  We manage the whole process from the initial approach to Lloyd’s, to administering your Corporate Member’s interface with Lloyd’s. The admission process is long and complicated, with extensive documentation to complete and information to provide, so an early approach is advisable.

Information Commissioner/AML Registrations

We are able to register with the Information Commissioner on your behalf, and where you are subject to the Money Laundering Regulations, with HMRC or FCA as appropriate.

Licensing in new territories

We can advise both newly authorised and established businesses on obtaining new trading licenses in other territories or just extending their permissions.

Incoming or Overseas Branches

Whether setting up a new business or obtaining a trading licence, we manage the project from concept, through the application and ongoing implementation. Quality and consistency are ensured and costs are minimised by Callidus preparing the application on your behalf in the UK. We organise any required translations and notorisations and engage with selected local service providers (usually legal counsel) to finalise the submission and deal with queries as they arise.

We have extensive experience in tailoring a comprehensive suite of policies and procedures meet the specific needs of a business and in compliance with regulatory expectations.

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